Real Housewives of Atlanta Star Embarassed Online Over Response to Corns

real.jpgClaudia Jordan, the newest member of Real Housewives of Atlanta, has been the subject of the latest social media stir due to comments her fellow cast mates have made about her feet. Jordan has been noted for having extremely good looks, but in the latest sneak peek for the season, viewers took to twitter to deem the stars hammer toes with corns all over as “ugly.” Co-star NeNe Leaks only added to the conversation by stating she has better skin, feet, and overall genetics compared to Jordan. The 41 year-old took to her own twitter and blog to defend herself, “It started when I ran track and would wear a really tight track spike when I would race (basically cramming my feet in a shoe a size smaller), then when I got into modelling and wearing heels all the time, that wreaked havoc on my poor toes.”

Corns may be painful and embarrassing to have on your feet. If you have corns and would like to learn how to treat them, speak to one of our podiatrists at the Foot and Ankle Associates of North Carolina, PLLC. Our doctors can treat your foot and ankle needs.

Corns: What are they? And how do you get rid of them?

Corns can be described as areas of the skin that have thickened to the point of becoming painful or irritating. They are often layers and layers of the skin that have become dry and rough, and are normally smaller than calluses.

Ways to Prevent Corns

There are many ways to get rid of painful corns such as wearing:
- Well-fitting socks
- Comfortable shoes that are not tight around your foot
- Shoes that offer support

Treating Corns

Treating corns involves removing the dead skin that has built up in the specific area of the foot. Salicylic acid can help in getting rid of these corns because it dissolves keratin, which is the protein that makes up a good majority of corns. Podiatrists recommend that people with diabetes not use salicylic acid but should consult with their podiatrist regarding the treatment of corns.

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