• Is My Stubbed Toe Serious?
    Stubbing your toe can be incredibly painful. In most cases, the pain subsides after a minute or two. In other cases, what seems like a simple stubbed toe can become Read more
  • How Can I Support My Broken Toe as It Heals?
    It is fairly common for a person to have broken their pinky toe. This can happen as a result of a heavy object falling on top of it, or possibly Read more
  • Is My Toe Broken?
    Many patients will experience a broken toe after a heavy object has fallen on it, or if it bangs into a piece of furniture. Consistent movements over an extended period Read more
  • Have I Broken My Toe?
    Broken toes are typically caused by an injury, or if a heavy object has been dropped on it. Some of the symptoms that may be associated with this condition may Read more
  • Wout van Aert Suffers Broken Toe
    World champion cyclist Wout van Aert recently fell down a flight of stairs, suffering a broken toe. Even with the injury, he still planned on competing in World Cup #2 Read more
  • Aaron Mound Breaks Toe
    Aaron Mound of Real Salt Lake has suffered a broken toe injury that has kept him off the field for four to eight weeks. Although there had been a lot Read more
  • Gareth Bale of Real Madrid Suffers Blow to Big Toe, But Does not Sustain Injury
    Gareth Bale of Real Madrid has undergone a series of medical tests to ensure his toe is not broken. Bale was sent to Sanitas La Moraleja after suffering a blow Read more

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