• Walking May Be Affected by a Plantar Wart
    Research has shown that plantar warts affect approximately ten percent of the population. They are warts that develop on the sole of the foot, and grow inward as a result Read more
  • Why Do Plantar Warts Grow Inward?
    Warts are caused by a virus that affects the top layer of the skin. Plantar warts develop on the sole of the foot and grow inward as a result of the pressure Read more
  • Where Are Plantar Warts Located?
    The virus that causes most warts to develop is known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). This includes plantar warts, which grow into the heel of the foot as a result Read more
  • All About Plantar Warts
      Plantar warts are small white growths that can be caused by viral infections. These warts are typically found on the plantar surface of the feet. Surgical removal may be used Read more

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