• Why Is My Ankle Painful?
    The ankle is a joint made up of many components, such as leg and foot bones, ligaments, nerves, cartilage, tendons, and muscles. As a complex joint that is responsible for Read more
  • Reasons Why Ankle Pain Can Occur
    Foot and ankle pain can cause difficulty in accomplishing everyday activities. The ankle consists of three bones that connect together, in addition to several ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Debilitating pain Read more
  • Mild Relief of Ankle Sprains
    An ankle sprain is a common cause of ankle pain. It generally occurs as a result of turning or rolling the ankle beyond its normal range of motion. This can happen from Read more
  • Types of Ankle Pain
    The ankle joint can be injured while frequently exercising or participating in sporting activities. It is considered to be a common sports injury and will typically require immediate medical attention. Read more
  • What Is the Function of the Ankle?
    The ankle has the ability to bend and turn the foot. It provides stability for the legs, which in turn, helps to balance the body. The ankles bear the body’s Read more
  • Common Types of Ankle Pain
    Research has indicated the importance of obtaining a correct diagnosis for existing ankle pain. This may be helpful in eliminating a good portion of the discomfort and is generally beneficial Read more
  • Runners and Ankle Pain
    Many people experience ankle pain at some point in their lives. Runners are typically familiar with this type of pain and discomfort and are aware of the inconvenience this can Read more
  • What Causes Ankle Pain?
    There are different forms of ankle pain, and they can occur for a variety of different reasons. For example, an ankle sprain is a common injury that can happen as Read more
  • Ankle Fractures and Sprains
    Many people will suffer from ankle pain at some point in their lives. There are different reasons why this type of pain occurs, and these may include fracturing or spraining Read more
  • Different Types of Ankle Pain
    Ankle pain may originate from several sources, which may include sprains, fractures, or arthritis. The pain may be acute or develop gradually, and this may depend on what the cause Read more
  • High Heels Lead To Pain, Discomfort
    One of the most common causes of foot pain for women stems from the frequent wearing of high heels. Though they may be stylish, heels can contribute to all sorts Read more
  • Woman Wearing Skinny Jeans Left Unable to Walk Due to Poor Circulation
    A 35-year-old Australian woman was left unable to walk due to over wearing skinny jeans that had cut off her circulation resulting in extreme weakness in her ankles. The woman Read more

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