• Avoiding Falls as You Age
    One of the most common causes of serious injury in the elderly is falling. Among the reasons are chronic health conditions such as neuropathy (or numbness) in the feet, decreased Read more
  • Possible Techniques to Prevent Falling
    Research has indicated that people who are sixty five years of age or older may experience frequent falls. Many of these falls can be fatal, or may lead to serious Read more
  • Can the Majority of Falls Be Prevented?
    People who have experienced falling are often aware of the changes in lifestyle this can cause. A broken bone can be a result of tripping on a worn carpet or Read more
  • Falling May Be Common Among Seniors
    Research has indicated that approximately one third of seniors will fall throughout the year, and many will neglect to discuss this with their doctors. Falling may lead to serious injuries Read more
  • Seniors and Falling
    Research has shown that there are many elderly people who experience falling. There are multiple injuries that may occur as a result of falling, including brain trauma, and possible fractures Read more
  • Performing Regular Exercise May Aid in the Prevention of Falling
    Research has shown that people who are sixty five or older may have an increased risk in falling. As a result, many people have incurred serious injuries. There have been Read more

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