• Different Levels of Foot Wounds
    An open sore on the foot is known as a foot ulcer. It can be common among diabetic patients who have cuts on their feet, which they may not be Read more
  • Being Proactive About Diabetic Foot Wounds
    Diabetic patients commonly suffer from nerve damage known as diabetic neuropathy and circulatory problems in their feet. Nerve damage can cause tingling, numbness, sensitivity, and prevent the diabetic from feeling Read more
  • Wounds on the Feet Can Lead to Infection
    A wound on the foot typically needs immediate attention, and this is especially true for diabetic patients. A wound may develop into a foot ulcer, which can lead to an Read more
  • Foot Ulcers and Prompt Treatment
    Wounds on the feet are common in diabetic patients. Many patients may have difficulty in feeling any discomfort on their feet, which may be a result of neuropathy. It is Read more
  • Diabetics and Wound Care
    There are many diabetic patients who experience foot ulcers, which are considered to be wounds that do not heal. This may be a result of the inability to feel sensations Read more

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