• Can Poor Circulation Be Improved?
    Swollen feet and ankles are often symptoms of poor circulation. Poor circulation can be the result of other health issues, and lifestyle changes may help to reverse this condition. Some of Read more
  • Poor Circulation Can Affect the Arteries
    If you are experiencing poor circulation in your feet, it may be difficult to walk, and even standing can be problematic. Research has indicated that lifestyle choices may play a Read more
  • Effective Methods That May Improve Circulation
    One of the first symptoms that is noticed in poor circulation is a numbing or tingling sensation that is felt in the feet. When the blood circulates properly, toxins are Read more
  • Causes of Poor Circulation
    Research has shown there may be several indicators of poor circulation. These may include discoloration of the toes, a loss of feeling or numbing sensation, dry skin, or frequent headaches. Read more
  • Can Airplane Travel Affect Circulation?
    If you’ve been on an airplane for several hours, you may know that circulation problems in the feet can develop. It typically occurs when your feet have limited mobility due Read more
  • Preventing Poor Blood Circulation
    If your feet feel cold, this is because it is your body’s natural response for conserving heat when it is too cold. Your body “tries to maintain its internal temperature Read more
  • Woman Wearing Skinny Jeans Left Unable to Walk Due to Poor Circulation
    A 35-year-old Australian woman was left unable to walk due to over wearing skinny jeans that had cut off her circulation resulting in extreme weakness in her ankles. The woman Read more

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