• Flat Feet Can Affect Children and Adults
    The absence or lack of an arch in the foot can indicate a condition that is referred to as flat feet. The majority of babies are born with flat feet, Read more
  • How to Tell If You Have Flat Feet
    It can be easy to notice if you have flat feet. The entire foot will lie flat on the floor without a space where the arch would normally exist. The majority Read more
  • Flat Feet and Babies
    When babies are born, the foot bones have not fully developed, and the feet are generally flexible. It is beneficial for toddlers to walk barefoot while indoors, because this helps Read more
  • Children and Flat Feet
    Research has indicated it typically takes a child's foot approximately eighteen years to fully develop. Many children are active and enjoy running, jumping, and dancing, and this may help the Read more
  • CJ Miles Discusses His Use of Orthotics for Sore Flat Feet
    Indiana Pacers’ forward CJ Miles was feeling spasms in his feel while participating in his pregame routine, when he decided to go back to the locker room for treatment. The cramp-like Read more
  • Flat Feet Can Worsen Over Time If Not Treated
    According to research published in the Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery, treatment and prevention of a flat foot can reduce the possibility of other major foot ailments. Flat fleet Read more

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