• Ways to Avoid Running Injuries
    Many beginning runners make mistakes that can cause injuries. Here are a few tips to prevent that from happening. Start with getting running shoes that are right for your feet, Read more
  • Preparing to Run
    Running is a great sport to get into for your overall physical fitness, but it can be tough on the feet and ankles if you don’t first take measures to Read more
  • What is an Acute Running Injury?
    Research has indicated that a staggering sixty percent of people who enjoy running have endured a running injury in the past year. These injuries may be the result of inconsistent training and possibly Read more
  • Core Strength May Help to Prevent Running Injuries
    Running is a popular sport and hobby among many people. Research has indicated the importance of stretching before and after completing a run, as this may be helpful in preventing running Read more
  • The Benefits of Stretching Before Running
    Many benefits are derived from warming up and stretching before running. In addition to increasing body temperature, the muscles become more relaxed; this lowers the risk for workout injuries. A Read more

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