• Cuboid Syndrome Causes
    Cuboid syndrome is a condition that is caused by a partial dislocation of the cuboid bone, located in the center of the foot. When this bone is knocked out of Read more
  • Signs of Cuboid Syndrome
    The cuboid is a cube-shaped bone located in the middle of your foot. This bone can become injured or dislocated following an injury to the foot. People who play sports Read more
  • The Cuboid Bone Has Six Sides
    There are seven tarsal bones that are located on the outer edge of each foot. One of them is referred to as the cuboid bone, which has six sides. Its function Read more
  • Possible Causes of Cuboid Syndrome
    If one of the cuboid bones is partially out of place, you may have what is known as cuboid subluxation, which is also referred to as cuboid syndrome. The pain Read more
  • The Location of the Cuboid Bones
    If the cuboid bone should shift from its normal location, it is known as cuboid syndrome. These particular bones are located on the outer edge of the foot. This ailment Read more
  • Who Is Prone to Developing Cuboid Syndrome?
    There are seven tarsal bones in the foot, and one of them is referred to as the cuboid bone. If the joints surrounding this bone should become inflamed as a Read more
  • What Causes Cuboid Syndrome?
    There are bones located in the foot that are known as cuboid bones. Their function is to connect the ankle to the foot, in addition to providing stability. If the Read more
  • What is Cuboid Syndrome?
    Foot pain on the inside of the foot is called medial foot pain, and foot pain on the outside of the foot is called lateral foot pain. It is most common Read more

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