• What Does Sesamoiditis Feel Like?
    Sesamoiditis is a foot condition that you might have heard of. It can occur in an individual when the two small sesamoid bones in the ball of the foot become Read more
  • Signs You May Have Developed Sesamoiditis
    Sesamoiditis may occur when the sesamoid bones in the feet become inflamed. This condition can be incredibly uncomfortable and can cause pain that is typically felt in the ball of Read more
  • The Location of the Sesamoid Bones
    The bones that are found surrounding the joints in the foot are referred to as sesamoid bones. Research has confirmed the big toe contains different types of these particular bones Read more
  • Why Do I Have Pain Under My Big Toe?
    Research has shown that all the bones in the body are connected to other bones through joints. The one exception to this are the sesamoid bones, because they are joined Read more

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