• Possible Causes of Cuboid Syndrome
    If one of the cuboid bones is partially out of place, you may have what is known as cuboid subluxation, which is also referred to as cuboid syndrome. The pain Read more
  • What Causes Heel Pain?
    Heel pain is a condition that many patients experience, and it may be caused due to a variety of reasons. The medical ailment that is known as plantar fasciitis is Read more
  • Possible Causes for Blisters on the Feet
    A common cause for blisters to develop on the feet is excessive friction. This may come from wearing shoes that do not fit correctly, which may cause pain and discomfort. Consistent Read more
  • Common Types of Ankle Pain
    Research has indicated the importance of obtaining a correct diagnosis for existing ankle pain. This may be helpful in eliminating a good portion of the discomfort and is generally beneficial Read more
  • How Can I Support My Broken Toe as It Heals?
    It is fairly common for a person to have broken their pinky toe. This can happen as a result of a heavy object falling on top of it, or possibly Read more
  • How to Purchase Running Shoes
    Research has indicated that many running experts suggest shoes that are used for jogging and running are purchased half a size larger. This may be helpful in avoiding overall discomfort Read more
  • Poor Circulation Can Affect the Arteries
    If you are experiencing poor circulation in your feet, it may be difficult to walk, and even standing can be problematic. Research has indicated that lifestyle choices may play a Read more
  • Signs You May Have an Ingrown Toenail
    Ingrown toenails are a painful, and often an uncomfortable condition that can develop for a number of reasons. Most commonly, they will form due to tight or improperly fitting shoes, Read more
  • Possible Causes of Stress Fractures
    Patients who experience stress fractures that affect the feet can often feel frustrated. A stress fracture is known as a small crack in the bone and can be referred to as Read more
  • Babies Have Flexible Feet
    Research has shown that the majority of babies are born with flat feet. Feet are flexible and will become stronger as the walking process occurs. The grasping action of the Read more
  • Ankle Tendonitis May Be A Common Form of Foot Pain
    A common form of ankle pain is known as tendonitis. It is an inflammation of the tendons and can occur as a result of an ankle sprain. This can happen Read more
  • Yoga Poses May Help to Strengthen the Toes
    The overall feeling of your body may be improved by properly stretching your feet. It is an effective method of keeping them flexible, which can make daily activities easier to Read more
  • What Is Gout and Why Does It Occur?
    A common form of arthritis that is known as gout may be prevalent among men over the age of forty. This painful condition can be caused by genetic factors, or Read more
  • Foot Ulcers and Prompt Treatment
    Wounds on the feet are common in diabetic patients. Many patients may have difficulty in feeling any discomfort on their feet, which may be a result of neuropathy. It is Read more
  • Symptoms of Toenail Fungus
    The medical term that is known as onychomycosis is commonly referred to as toenail fungus. It can happen to any part of the toenail, and the frequency of this occurrence Read more
  • An Inflamed or Torn Plantar Fascia
    The medical condition that is referred to as plantar fasciitis is often characterized by pain that is felt in the heel area of the foot. It occurs when the plantar Read more

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