• Sever’s Disease May Cause Limited Flexibility
    Growing adolescents may experience the medical condition that is known as Sever’s disease. It typically affects teenagers who frequently participate in sporting activities, and pain and discomfort may be felt in Read more
  • Why Do Plantar Warts Grow Inward?
    Warts are caused by a virus that affects the top layer of the skin. Plantar warts develop on the sole of the foot and grow inward as a result of the pressure Read more
  • Can Taking Vitamins Help to Heal Cracked Heels?
    When the skin splits on the heel, it can cause pain and discomfort. This condition that is known as cracked heels can happen for several reasons. These can include aging skin, Read more
  • Types of Ankle Pain
    The ankle joint can be injured while frequently exercising or participating in sporting activities. It is considered to be a common sports injury and will typically require immediate medical attention. Read more
  • Possible Symptoms of Morton’s Neuroma
    As the day progresses, it is common for many people to have achy feet. If there is noticeable pain in the ball of the foot, the medical condition that is Read more
  • Children and Walking Barefoot
    When babies are born, the bones in their feet are not fully formed. They will become solid as the aging process occurs, and it is beneficial to refrain from wearing Read more
  • Stretches That May Help to Relieve Pain From Plantar Fasciitis
    The medical condition that is known as plantar fasciitis can often cause severe pain and discomfort. It affects the heel and arch of the foot, and it may be difficult Read more
  • How to Tell If You Have Flat Feet
    It can be easy to notice if you have flat feet. The entire foot will lie flat on the floor without a space where the arch would normally exist. The majority Read more
  • Blisters on the Feet Can Protect Damaged Skin
    People who often get blisters on the feet are aware of the discomfort they may cause. Blisters are a small area that can resemble a bubble that forms over the damaged skin. This Read more
  • The Benefits of Wearing Shoes That Fit Properly
    When shoes fit correctly, it can be easier to complete daily activities. Wearing the right shoes may be helpful in protecting the body from injury, and the feet will generally feel Read more
  • Does My Child Have A Broken Toe?
    If your child has stubbed their toe and you notice he or she is limping, it may be an indication of a broken toe. Some of the symptoms that are often associated Read more
  • Possible Techniques to Prevent Falling
    Research has indicated that people who are sixty five years of age or older may experience frequent falls. Many of these falls can be fatal, or may lead to serious Read more
  • Possible Causes Of An Achilles Tendon Injury
    It is extremely important to protect the Achilles tendon. It is located in the back of the leg and connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. It is the thickest Read more
  • How Did I Develop Toenail Fungus?
    How Did I Develop Toenail Fungus? Toenail fungus is a common foot condition among many people. The symptoms are noticeable, and include brittle edges on the toenails, possible separation from the Read more
  • Daily Foot Care for Diabetic Patients
    Many patients who are diabetic understand the importance of maintaining proper foot care. Diabetes can cause neuropathy, which can lead to the inability to feel cuts and bruises on the Read more
  • Can Stretching the Feet Prevent Foot Injuries?
    The majority of impact the body feels while running is absorbed by the feet. Many people who enjoy running stretch before and after a run is completed, and research has Read more

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