• The Symptoms Associated with an Achilles Tendon Injury
    The symptoms associated with Achilles tendon injuries typically include intense pain in the bottom portion of the calf, and difficulty in pointing and flexing the foot. This particular type of Read more
  • Why Does My Child Suffer From Heel Pain?
    Sever’s disease typically affects children between 8 and 12 years of age. It is known as the most common form of heel pain in this age group, and will commonly Read more
  • Foot Pain Keeps Runner from Competing
    A woman who was an avid runner found that she couldn’t continue her long-distance races due to a stabbing pain in her left foot. She quickly discovered that ice and Read more
  • The Best Way to Prevent Toenail Fungus
    Flip flops and water shoes may play an important role in protecting your feet against fungi. If you are using a public shower, you are standing in an area full Read more
  • What is a Foot Ulcer?
    Diabetic patients may experience foot ulcers, which may be a result of poorly managed insulin levels. These type of wounds typically develop on the balls of the feet or under Read more
  • Why Do I Have Pain Under My Big Toe?
    Research has shown that all the bones in the body are connected to other bones through joints. The one exception to this are the sesamoid bones, because they are joined Read more
  • What to Look For in Properly Fitted Shoes
    The feet typically endure years of wear and tear, and practicing good foot care will aid the feet in feeling comfortable. One of the ways this can be accomplished is Read more
  • What Does Amputation Mean to a Diabetic Patient?
    Recent research has shown that 60% of amputations that are not related to an injury occur in diabetic patients. The percentage rises to 80% when preceded by a foot ulcer. Read more
  • Causes of Neuropathy in the Feet
    The most common type of neuropathy in the feet is referred to as peripheral neuropathy. The brain receives signals from the peripheral nerves and if this ceases to occur, these Read more
  • What Causes Gout?
    Severe pain that is experienced in the big toe and surrounding areas may be a condition referred to as gout. Since this condition is considered to be a form of Read more
  • What is Cuboid Syndrome?
    Foot pain on the inside of the foot is called medial foot pain, and foot pain on the outside of the foot is called lateral foot pain. It is most common Read more
  • What is a Plantar Wart?
    If you experience a growth of bottom of your foot, you may have what is referred to as a plantar wart. Generally, warts will grow upwards from the skin, but Read more
  • Selecting the Correct High Heels
    Many women choose to wear high heels for the pleasing look it gives to the leg. Occasionally, there may be consequences that are experienced, including falling which may result in a Read more
  • What Causes of Plantar Fasciitis?
    There are several causes of heel pain, and one of these conditions may be referred to as plantar fasciitis. If you choose to wear shoes that are not fitting properly, Read more
  • How Can I Have My Cracked Heels Feel Better?
    There are typically several signs that can indicate cracked heels may be a growing concern. The skin will generally become rough, and it’s suggested to observe this condition and promptly Read more
  • Does My Child Have An Ingrown Toenail?
    If you notice swelling and redness around your baby’s big toe, it is possible that an ingrown toenail has developed. Common signs of this occurring include your baby pulling on the big Read more

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