• What Causes a Stress Fracture?
    Consistent overuse of the muscles in the foot often produces a condition that is known as a stress fracture. Repeated impact that comes from running or jumping activities can cause Read more
  • What Is Hammertoe?
    If your middle toe is bent in a downward position, you may have a condition that is known as hammertoe. The shape of the toe may resemble a hammer and Read more
  • Two Types of Gout
    The medical condition that is referred to as gout is considered to be a form of arthritis. Many patients experience severe pain and discomfort during a gout attack, and it Read more
  • Obesity and Foot Pain
    Patients who are overweight may notice they may have chronic foot pain. This may be a result of additional weight the feet must carry, and it may prevent some patients Read more
  • Have I Broken My Toe?
    Broken toes are typically caused by an injury, or if a heavy object has been dropped on it. Some of the symptoms that may be associated with this condition may Read more
  • What Causes Cuboid Syndrome?
    There are bones located in the foot that are known as cuboid bones. Their function is to connect the ankle to the foot, in addition to providing stability. If the Read more
  • Possible Causes of Plantar Fasciitis
    There is a band of tissue that is located on the bottom of the foot. This band, known as the plantar fascia, connects the toes to the heel bone. If the Read more
  • How to Stretch the Feet
    Research has shown the general health of the body may be improved when the feet are regularly stretched. Additionally, the risk of injury may be decreased, and circulation may improve. Read more
  • Methods That May Help to Prevent Falling
    Research has shown that falling is common among people who are sixty-five years and older. Severe falls can result in broken bones or head injuries, and a fear of falling Read more
  • Children and Flat Feet
    Research has indicated it typically takes a child's foot approximately eighteen years to fully develop. Many children are active and enjoy running, jumping, and dancing, and this may help the Read more
  • What Time of Day Should Shoes Be Purchased?
    Research has indicated the majority of your day may run smoother if the correct shoes are worn. The feet are typically at their largest during the afternoon, and it may Read more
  • Diabetics and Wound Care
    There are many diabetic patients who experience foot ulcers, which are considered to be wounds that do not heal. This may be a result of the inability to feel sensations Read more
  • Possible Treatment for Toenail Fungus
    The medical condition known as toenail fungus is considered to be contagious and can easily spread from one toenail to the other. It is accessible in public pools, showers, locker Read more
  • Different Types of Ankle Pain
    Ankle pain may originate from several sources, which may include sprains, fractures, or arthritis. The pain may be acute or develop gradually, and this may depend on what the cause Read more
  • Foot Surgery May Relieve Pain
    There are several different types of foot conditions that may require surgery if relief is not found using traditional methods of treatment. One type may include bunion surgery in which Read more
  • Walking Barefoot May Increase the Risk of Broken Toes
    The pain that emanates from a stubbed toe may be an indication that it may be broken. There are several additional symptoms that are often associated with this uncomfortable condition, Read more

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