• Picking the Right Footwear for Children
    When it comes to picking the right shoes, children are much more different than adults. Children’s feet are still growing and developing compared to adult feet. With this in mind, Read more
  • Plantar Fasciitis and Tips For Choosing the Right Footwear
    Many people experience heel pain, stiffness, and swelling from plantar fasciitis. Yet choosing the right footwear can help ease the pain. First off, make sure that the shoes you wear Read more
  • Dealing with Hammertoe
    Hammertoe is a condition that occurs as a result of the middle toe joint becoming dislocated. While it can affect any toe on the foot, it usually occurs in the Read more
  • How to Get the Perfect Shoe for Your Feet
    It is important that you get a proper fit for any type of athletic shoe you want to purchase. You may find it helpful to go to a specialty store Read more
  • The Importance of Podiatrists
    Podiatrists are known for treating and diagnosing conditions in the foot and ankle. In order to become a podiatrist, one has to complete four years of training in podiatry school Read more
  • How Your Workplace Can Be Problematic for Your Feet
    You may encounter a lot of different foot problems if your place of work requires you to frequently be on your feet. The two most common causes of foot injuries Read more
  • Why You Should Avoid Wearing Flip-Flops
    Flip-flops are a common footwear selection for many Americans during the summer. However, these shoes can be very problematic for your feet. While flip-flops may be a better choice compared Read more
  • Kris Bryant Suffers Ankle Sprain
    Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant recently suffered an ankle sprain that is expected to keep him out of gameplay for at least one week. It is possible that the Cubs organization Read more
  • Bunion Therapy
    While most people tend to take having pain free feet for granted, people with bunions do not have this privilege. A common myth is that only people of old age Read more
  • How Body Weight May be Linked to Stress Fractures
    Studies have shown that women with low body weight are more likely to develop stress fractures. According to a researcher at Ohio State University, “Having too little lean muscle mass Read more
  • Tips for Arthritic Feet
    Adults who have arthritis are likely to experience joint inflammation in their feet. Arthritic symptoms in the feet may include stiffness, limited mobility, or tenderness in the joints. Common ways Read more
  • What to Look for When Searching for Running Shoes
    There are certain features that you should ensure your running shoes have before you decide to start running. It is crucial that your shoe has arch support, cushioning, and traction Read more
  • Simple Exercises for easing Foot Pain
    Foot pain is something that may plague any active adult, often manifesting in the form of plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. Achy feet caused by inflammation can be eased, however, Read more
  • Heel Pain in Children
    With warmer weather now upon us, many children make a return to outdoor sports and activities. Many parents may eventually face the issue of their children experiencing heel pain. In Read more
  • Avoiding Fungal Nails
    Toenail fungus is a foot condition that many people can fall prey to. Symptoms of the condition include yellow or brown nails, nails that split or crumble, or nails that Read more
  • Strengthening Your Soles to Prevent Running Injuries
    About 79 percent of runners experience some type of foot injury each year. It requires a bit of extra work to keep your feet in top running order, however it Read more

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