• Foot Surgery May Relieve Pain
    There are several different types of foot conditions that may require surgery if relief is not found using traditional methods of treatment. One type may include bunion surgery in which Read more
  • Walking Barefoot May Increase the Risk of Broken Toes
    The pain that emanates from a stubbed toe may be an indication that it may be broken. There are several additional symptoms that are often associated with this uncomfortable condition, Read more
  • Causes of Poor Circulation
    Research has shown there may be several indicators of poor circulation. These may include discoloration of the toes, a loss of feeling or numbing sensation, dry skin, or frequent headaches. Read more
  • Where Are Plantar Warts Located?
    The virus that causes most warts to develop is known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). This includes plantar warts, which grow into the heel of the foot as a result Read more
  • Yoga Practice May Strengthen the Feet and Ankles
    When proper care of the feet and ankles are maintained, the overall health of the body may be positively affected. The alignment of the body is affected by how we Read more
  • Symptoms of an Ingrown Toenail
    The definition of an ingrown toenail is described as the toenail growing into a portion of the skin on either side of the nail. This condition may cause little discomfort Read more
  • What Causes Cracked Heels?
    If you have ever experienced a condition that is known as heel fissures, you are most likely familiar with the discomfort it may cause. This unsightly ailment may also be Read more
  • Foot Pain Can Originate from Injuries or Medical Conditions
    Research has shown there are over 26 bones and several ligaments and tendons that are in each foot. If an injury is experienced in any portion of the foot or Read more
  • What is a Podiatrist?
    People who are interested in pursuing a podiatric career are attracted to learning about the treatments of foot conditions and the compassion in treating patients with specific foot disorders. Doctors Read more
  • Ankle Sprains May Cause Pain
    The ligaments that are located in the ankle have the job of keeping the ankle joints from turning and twisting the wrong way. If an injury should occur in which Read more
  • Performing Regular Exercise May Aid in the Prevention of Falling
    Research has shown that people who are sixty five or older may have an increased risk in falling. As a result, many people have incurred serious injuries. There have been Read more
  • Can Certain Foot Conditions Be Avoided When the Correct Shoes Are Worn?
    Research has shown that wearing shoes that fit properly may aid in preventing uncomfortable foot conditions from developing. Ingrown toenails may occur if the shoes that are worn fit too Read more
  • The Location of the Sesamoid Bones
    The bones that are found surrounding the joints in the foot are referred to as sesamoid bones. Research has confirmed the big toe contains different types of these particular bones Read more
  • What Causes Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?
    A common cause of the condition that is referred to as tarsal tunnel syndrome may occur as a result of constant overuse of the ankle. The most common reason for Read more
  • Why do Stress Fractures Develop?
    If you enjoy the sport of running or jogging, you may develop a stress fracture. This may gradually occur from the frequent repetitive motion that accompanies this type of activity. Despite the fact that Read more
  • The Benefits of Stretching the Feet and Toes
    People who regularly stretch their feet and toes are more likely aware of the many benefits that may accompany these movements. These may include increased blood flow into the feet, Read more

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